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Our Family of Ministries...                Download THE ENTIRE BIBLE in MP3 Files! Click Here!
Free Christian Sermons in MP3 and *MP4 Video Hundreds of full-length Christian sermons in MP3 format that you can download and share. Or download a CD-ready ZIP file ready to make your own discs self-start discs. These are solid Bible-based lessons by Norm Russell, Bryan Johnston, and others. 
*Now also featuring full video church services, including singing, prayer, lesson (sermon), communion, etc  just as if we could meet together to help while we are self-isolating due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Free Christian Music in MP3 Hundreds of free Christian songs in MP3, free to share courtesy of the artists. Singles by Douglas Ferrier, Drew Nelson, Stephanie Kong, Kwame Adu/John Folitse, Jammie Jolly, and Peter Zantey and dozens of other artists - all free! There is a wide variety of music even some songs for children in both English and Spanish! 
Newsletter HOT NEWS: The CD File sets can now be directly downloaded! The sets are in the MP3 Sermons section. Save time waiting for the mail! 
MP3 Bible Downloads The entire New Testament in MP3 Files. Each chapter is a separate file for easy downloading on slow connections or use on your MP3 player. We have several different fonts files for you to study.
Minute Messages Our blog - Simple but very valuable lessons you can read in about a minute, and some longer ones to ponder on as well. Free to share.
Christian Missionary Helpers Ministry  A sub-set of our group who help find the supplies missionaries and other ministries need to do their work. Not money, but the physical  things they need such as tools, hardware supplies and the like. 
Devotionals A  collection of Christian devotionals, poetry, short stories, and sermon ideas. Also "Minute Messages" - short, thought-provoking stories. 
Kingfisher Crossing A collection of quiet, thoughtful stories. Original poetry,stories, help for the depressed, and those dealing with the difficulty of chronic pain issues. 
Coos County Oregon USA History Newspapers from the 1800-1900's. See what life was like in the Oregon, USA. Great insights into how people thought and acted in those days. It is amazing to compare the way people thought and acted then with today. 
Rails Northwest Train Pictures! Over 10,000 of them! A memorial site to my friend Mike Clark - Also a collection of Train Graffiti by Roland Rodway is part of Mike's site. 
Our Ministry In A Nutshell:

       Word for Life World Ministries is an effort to provide Christian resources to everyone, with special emphasis on worldwide distribution of Christian Sermons, the Bible, and study aids. We publicize Christian schools, similar ministries, and family-friendly sites. We bring the public's attention to Christian writers, music artists and ministries by showing their works here. All songs you find here were placed with the artists's consent.  Write to us for more information if desired.

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