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Last Updated 05.22.07

Welcome to the new CMHM web page.  I am sorry it has been so long since we last updated our web site but the Lord has kept us very busy.  Which is a good thing since it keeps me out of trouble.

In September of 2005 I started a new full time job, and our missionary work has become a full time weekend ministry.

I have also been playing guitar at our Kids Church so that has also kept me busy.


What's Happening!

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We Are In The Process Of Building A Dorm For Youth Groups To Use.

Thanks for stopping by.  I also started a new job in January of 2007.  I have become the first grade teacher at Universal City First Baptist Academy.  It is a longer drive for me but I believe it is what God wanted me to do.

The ladies prayer group that meets at my house is also growing and we have become very close sisters in Christ.

My new job also makes it easier for me to go with Andrew on mission trips since the school is very missionary minded.


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