Dear visitors to

Due to extreme abuse of my automatic links submission page  I have removed the function. This temporary page will be replaced in a few days with a static page listing our favorite links of those we receive. 

We would still like you to send us your favorite links, with the following in mind:

1 - No advertising of anything the visitor has to pay for.

2 - No sites or services containing so-called adult content, sites that contain unkind or hateful content such as attacks against one's race, creed, national origin, or the like.

Please send your submissions BY E-MAIL to us at ADMIN (at) WORDFORLIFE.COM (convert that).  It's written this way on this page to prevent automated submissions. Please use the subject line containing the word "link" such as "Link for you" or "Web link submission."

Thank you for understanding. Those of you who have submitted good content will see it added to these pages in the coming weeks.

Mark Magill, webmaster.

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