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Thank you for your interest in downloading and sharing our sermon or music files from Word for Life. You are welcome to download them all. We have only a few requests to make of you if you'd like to add them to your web site:

1 - When possible, please download the files and store a copy on your server, not ours. This helps keep our server load down and reduces our bandwidth requirements. If you're using a free or limited web site server that does not allow file uploads of this size or type, you may link directly to our files. As long as we're not pushing our monthly bandwidth limits all will be fine. HOWEVER - please ask first so we can send you the appropriate paths. Be sure to include the URL to your site and send it to admin@wordforlife.com. It is essential that you register your request with us, so we can notify you in advance of any path changes that could break your links to our files. We'll always give as much notice as possible if this should become necessary, and don't anticipate it happening any time soon.

2 - If you'd like to save yourself a lot of typing, feel free to use portions of the source code on our pages and just edit accordingly.  A few quick moments doing search/replace with your web editor can save you a lot of work.

3 - If you like the sermons, please tell the author. Use our Feedback form and we'll forward your comments. Just put "For Norm Russell" or whomever in the subject line and we'll deliver it for you. Or just email it to admin@wordforlife.com if you would rather. Either way, it will get to them. 

4 - Legal Stuff - The sermons may not be included in any CD or software collection that is intended to be sold. The sermons must be given away as freely as Jesus gave the Word to us. Charging "media fees" beyond the actual cost of the media used to store them is not permitted. If you paid 30 cents for the blank disc, 30 cents is all you may charge. If you have a situation that should be excluded from this requirement, please contact us.

Your brother in Christ -

Mark R. Magill

Word for Life World Ministries

This page was last reviewed and updated 09-23-08