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We'd like to welcome everyone to the August, 2012 online edition of our newsletter. A lot has been happening here this month, and we're excited to get things going again and add features not previously available to the site.

CD & DVD File Collections Now Downloadable!

Many thanks go to Phillip Ledford for donating space on a high-capacity server at Open Arms Fellowship in Lampasas, TX. Because of this, we are now able to offer our CD and DVD files for direct download. Keep in mind, these are large files. The CD files are about 710 MB each. Also now available is the file set for our DVD that we mail out. That one checks in at a whoppingi 4.5 Gigabytes in size, and takes around 70-90 minutes to downoad on a good cable connection. The CD's take around 40 minutes.

The idea of these files is to save mailing costs for those who do have fast connections. In just the first 2 days of distribution, 15 downloads were recorded, for a shipping and production cost savings of around $30.00 USD. We will still continue to provide the CD/DVD sets by mail, still for free, just as we always have. But if you do have a fast connection and can download the files, we would appreciate your doing so, that we may reach even more people by mail who can not download the files.

What you'll get in the ZIP files: When you download one of the files above, you'll get all the files needed to make either the CD or DVD. Unzip them into a folder, preserving the structure of the files in the .ZIP (which most un-zip programs do automatically). When the package is unpacked, just stat up your favorite disk burning program, select those files, and burn the disc. Or, just use them as they are. In each disk set is a SYSTEM folder with an "index.html" file. Clicking on that will start up the set's internal menu and let you browse around. The individual sermons and other content are all in seperate files.


Note that there is a bonus in the DVD download! It includes the entire Bible in MP3 files, World English version, which is a pretty good one! Soon, it will be available separately.

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